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A Beginner’s Guide to Damon Braces

Posted on February 24, 2022

Seventy-five percent of the four million people wearing braces in the U.S. are 18 years old or younger. While all braces are used to correct malocclusions, Damon braces are designed to use a self-ligating system to connect archwires to brackets. Here’s a beginner’s guide to Damon braces.

1. Damon Braces Provide Quick Solutions

One of the most exciting things about using Damon braces is that they provide faster treatment than other braces. Patients can expect to see results in as little as 10 weeks of treatment and treatment with these braces can finish six months earlier than treatment using other braces, depending on your individual plan. The Damon System is also associated with fewer appointments, meaning you can save time with visits to the orthodontist’s office.

2. Damon Braces are Easy to Clean

It is easy to clean Damon braces because they have fewer parts where food particles can stick or accumulate. This makes it easier to clean your teeth and braces without issues. Damon braces are easy to clean due to the size of the brackets. This means less frustration over maintaining your oral hygiene.

3. Damon Braces are More Comfortable

Damon braces are more comfortable than traditional braces. The sliding system enables teeth to move in a slow and natural manner. It also allows wires to slide more easily, which reduces the amount of friction on your teeth. Damon braces can also eliminate the need for tooth extractions, which can save you a lot of trouble. Your teeth will be corrected with a high degree of comfort.

4. Damon Braces Come in Different Styles

Damon braces are designed in multiple styles, giving you the luxury to select the braces you want the most. The two styles are metal braces and clear braces. Metal Damon braces are strong and less noticeable because they are not connected with elastic bands. When you wear clear Damon braces, people may not recognize you have them. Clear braces use ceramic brackets, which can give you a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

5. Damon Braces Can be Affordable

Lastly, Damon braces cost around the same price as conventional braces and other aligners. They provide quick alignment solutions and require fewer appointments. Most dental insurance plans cover Damon braces, allowing your provider to cover you and your family’s treatment costs. Your provider may also offer payment plans to help finance your orthodontic treatment.

If you’re interested in an orthodontic option that is efficient, easy to clean, natural, and cost-effective, look no further. Book an appointment with our orthodontist today if you need Damon braces or have any questions about them.