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Our wonderful Deb has been with us here at Pobanz Orthodontics for 9 great years! She is a clinician and our Invisalign Specialist here! Debbie is also a Massage Therapist and loves it as well! Debbie loves to play soccer and draw or paint in her spare time. Her favorite NFL Football team is the [...]

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Have you ever met our lovely Brenda? She is our Business Assistant, and checks you in when you arrive at our office! She loves getting to meet all of our patients, and see them everyday! Brenda enjoys to craft, and make wreaths for others, as well as herself. She is a mom of only boys, [...]

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Have you met Bailley? Bailley is our youngest team member, and with no question has talent! She loves interacting with the patients and being a part of the team. If she had any super power, she would be a “Super-Shopper” because she could shop and buy whatever she wanted to! She loves going on vacations [...]

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