Smile For A Lifetime

Dr. Pobanz is the founder of the Weber County chapter of the national organization Smile for a Lifetime. This organization creates a structure of local community members who serve on a selection board to review application of children in need of orthodontic care but without the resources to pay for it. Six smile scholarships are award yearly. Pobanz orthodontics has been the provider of care to over 30 patients in this program since 2010. Please help us find more applicants in need and share an application. Download Here

Best of the Rest Scholarship

The Pobanz Orthodontics scholarship program is unique way to empower graduating seniors to pursue their goals. Each year, five $1,000.00 scholarships are awarded to deserving students who have not received any other scholarships. All former or current patients of Pobanz Orthodontics that received full treatment and are graduating seniors are eligible to apply. Since 2009, 42 students have received scholarships. Applications are available Download Here and are accepted between February and April each calendar year and awarded in May.

Eddie the Yeti

One night after work, Dr. John discovered a white furry creature rummaging through the dumpster of the office complex. After luring the beast into the office with a trail of Rice Krispy treats, Eddie the Yeti was quickly adopted as the office mascot. He got braces and became our official spokes person. Since then, Eddie has become a local celebrity. Eddie attends events and promotes Pobanz Orthodontics encouraging all in the community to smile more. Events that Eddie makes regular appearances at:

  • Ogden Marathon Kids K
  • Dentistry Merit badge classes regularly held at Pobanz Orthodontics
  • Fifth Grade Field trips regularly held at Pobanz Orthodontics
  • Mouthguard clinics for all interested local sports teams
  • Our yearly Corn Maze patient appreciation event held in October