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Questions to Ask an Orthodontist at a Consultation

Posted on February 3, 2022

It’s never too late to get your teeth straightened. If you have an overbite, underbite, crooked teeth, or misaligned jaws, orthodontic treatment is the best way to correct these problems and give you a beautiful smile. A consultation with an orthodontist can help you better understand treatment options. Here are some questions to ask during your consultation.

1. Is My Case Mild or Severe?

It’s important to know whether your case is mild or severe so you can better understand what orthodontic treatment will entail and how long it might last. Mild cases require less time and effort than severely crooked teeth.

2. What Treatment Method Will Be Used?

An orthodontist uses a variety of treatments for correcting teeth and jaws. Invisalign, clear braces, and traditional metal braces are some of the most common treatment options available. Ask which method will be used in your case to better understand what to expect throughout the course of treatment.

3. How Long Will Treatment Take?

The amount of time treatment lasts will depend on the severity of your case and other factors, such as keeping up with regular checkups during treatment. Ask how long you should expect to wear braces so you can plan accordingly for work or school.

4. What Can I Expect During Treatment?

You will need to go to the orthodontist regularly for checkups. It is important to know what to expect during these visits so you can plan accordingly. For example, you may have to have an X-ray or set up a payment plan.

5. What Are My Payment Options?

Many orthodontists offer payment plans so you can pay for treatment over time. Explore your options, including interest-free financing through the orthodontist or dental insurance that may cover some of the cost of treatment.

6. How Often Will I Need an Adjustment?

An adjustment is required for all patients who wear braces. An orthodontist will perform this process as needed, which can be every few weeks or months, depending on the severity of your case and how well you follow instructions. Ask how often you should expect to have an adjustment so you can plan accordingly.

According to the AAO, children should visit an orthodontist between the ages of 7 and 14, i.e., when their permanent teeth begin to emerge. If you are considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child, please contact us today to schedule an appointment. We can help you determine whether orthodontic treatment is right for you.