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Why You Should Get Dental Braces Early

Posted on May 31, 2022

Dental braces can give children a beautiful smile. You can hardly blame parents for wanting their children to have lovely smiles at an early age. Braces also help solve issues to do with jaw misalignment or teeth crowding, among others. Of course, you have to spot the issues before they become a problem. You cannot rely on your child to correctly identify and inform you of every health issue that happens to them, so consulting with a dental professional is advised.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, children who have reached the age of seven should be examined by a qualified orthodontist for screening and evaluation. Around this age, permanent teeth start to come in, providing orthodontists with the proper oral situation to diagnose and predict potential issues. It is always helpful to know why your child may benefit from braces in the future before problems start to occur. Here are a few functions and benefits of braces.

1. Correcting Teeth Overcrowding

At an early age, the jawbones are rather pliable and haven’t hardened yet. This is to your advantage because corrective orthodontic procedures may work faster in children than they will in adults. Dental braces will improve teeth alignment and reduce the risk of erupting teeth crowding up.

2. Greater Confidence

With crooked teeth fixed and proper alignment, your child may have improved confidence about their appearance. This may improve their navigation of social situations, school, and making friends throughout life. There is also the fact that they committed to braces for a couple of years of their lives and exhibited delayed gratification as their teeth were slowly guided into proper alignment.

3. Resolving Speech Inefficiencies

Dental braces fix malocclusions. A bad bite can obstruct the proper placement of the tongue, which can allow air to escape while talking, thus creating a whistling sound. This impediment can be avoided or resolved with dental braces. When teeth are properly aligned and the tongue can rest appropriately in the mouth, it can better articulate and pronounce sounds as your child grows and develops.

4. A Faster Treatment

When your child gets early orthodontic treatment, you reduce the risk of snaggleteeth, jaw problems, oral pain, and other mouth issues later in life. By aligning their teeth early, you can ensure they develop healthy dental care practices in the future and maintain their smile for life.

Overall, you can’t go wrong seeking the advice of a professional as soon as you can. If your child is age ready, you’ll save time and money by making an appointment with an orthodontist early.